Cafe - Restaurant - Pera Vrisi Vourliotes Samos
All the meals are fresh prepared.
Stamatis Karatzas
Tel. : 0030 22730 93277
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Traditional homemade appetizers
Traditional plate with mashed Fava beans, onions and olives
Fresh baked stuffed oven potatoes with fresh Butter and Cheese
Cheese crockettes
Beet root with garlicsauce
Casseroled giant white beans from the oven with olives and onion
Salted fishes with garlic, caper and olives
Potatoecrockettes with cheese
Portion bread
Traditional cheese dressing salad with pepper and garlic
Traditional garden plate with vegetable
Homemade stuffed vineleaves with yoghurt
Grilled fetacheese with red peppers, tomatos and olives
Garlicsauce (Scordalia)
Fresh French Fries
Local samian white cheese with olives
Fried Zucchini with garlicsauce
Fried eggplants wih Tomatosauce and cheese
Traditional fied balls from chickoeas (special keftedes)
Farmers Krokette with sweet pumpkin, cheese, karot and maize
Greek Fetacheese with Olives
Traditional eggplant salad with red peppers and garlic
Traditional Krokette with spinach and cheese (spinach keftedes)
Fried zucchini blossom stuffed with cheese
Mixed starter plate a la Chef for two persons. (vegetarian and meat.)
Mixed starter plate vegetarian (Normal Mezes)
Mixed starter plate for two persons. (vegetarian) (Spezial Mezes)

We serve Omelettes from farmeggs!
Normally we cook our omelettes with fresh butter and milk. If you want, we can use cold pressed olive or sunfloweroil instead.

two eggs Omelette
Omelette with cheese
Omelette with ham and cheese
Omelette with ham, cheese and bacon
Spezialomelette with cheese, ham bacon and spinach
Traditional villageomelette mit spaghetti, bacon, cheese and fresh Tomato

Cucumber salad with carrot and Olives
Tomato salad with carrot and Olives
Garden village greek salad with tomato, cucumber, olives, fetacheese, carrot and cabbage or green
Cucumber and tomato salad with Olives and carrot
Lettuce salat with carrot and olives
Season salad with tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, pepper, olives and green
Season spezial with tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, pepper, yellow cheese, sauce, olives and green
Chef Salad Spezial with tomato, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, ham, egg, olives, sauce, green salad and yellow cheese

Onion in the salad is optional

A La Minute
Fried local samian white cheese (saganaki) with tomato und olives
Traditional fried cheese (kefalotiri) with tomato and olives
Fried fishsteak with garlicsauce
Traditional saganaki with pepper plant, tomato sauce and cheese (feta)
Traditional plate with porkmeat, french fries and spezial tomato-Wine-sauce
Fried shrimps with spezial tomatosauce and cheese (feta)
Shrimps boiled - fried with Oliveoil and lemon
Fresh sardines fried

Minced meat - dishes - Pasta
Stuffed tomatos with rice
Spaghetti Bolonaise with minced meat sauce and cheese
Spaghetti in the oven with tomatosauce, bacon, cheese and pepper plant
Spaghetti Napoli with tomatosauce and cheese
Rice with tomatosauce
Spaghetti Carbonara with bacon, white creme sauce and cheese
Traditional small meatballs from minced meat (Keftedakia)
Traditional Mousaka
Traditional eggplants in the oven, stuffed with minced meat, cheese and Tomatosauce

Cooking saucepan
Roasted pork with garlic and winesauce
Octopus with tomato- winesauce
Lamb tongue with mustard - lemonnsauce

In Order Reserve:
Chicken stuffed
Fish AAA-AB-lobster
Kid lamb stuffed
Rabbit stuffed

Main Meals
Traditional lamb with pasta - rice - makaroni (Giouvetsi)
Traditional rabbit with onion and fresh tomatosauce (stifado)
Traditional Gulasch

Chicken filet Souvlaki with moustard - lemonsauce
Pork Souvlaki Orientale with moustard - lemonsauce
Grilled chicken filet with Roquefort Butter or moustard - lemonsauce
Pork chops cutlet
Beef burgers stuffed with cheese (from fresh meat)
Beef burgers stuffed with cheese and tomato sauce (from fresh meat)
Kalf cutlet with Roquefort- Buttersauce
Chicken liver with bacon Souvlaki
Fresh Lamb chops
Spezial Souvlaki with chicken filet and pork beef burgers
Meatballs from fresh minced turkey meat) with mushroomsauce or moustard - lemonsauce
Grilled chicken with mushroomsauce or moustard - lemonsauce
Grilled fresh Lamb chops
Grilled chickencutlet with moustard - lemonsauce

Each Portion is garnished with fresh frensh fries and Salad

Dessert - Fruits
Yoghurt with Honey
Icecream - Cup
Icecream Spezial
Traditional fried apple with Honey
Greek Halva
Traditional Joghurt with Honey, Raisins, Fruits, Almons and Cinnamon
Homemade Sourcherry with Yoghurt and Cinnamon

Samos Brandy


Beers 500ml

Coca-Cola light
Limonade-Fanta-Sprite mit Zitronengeschmack
Limonade Fanta mit Orangengeschmack
Mineralwasser 1.5 L
MineralWasser 0.5 L

Hot Drinks
Hot chokolate with milk
Nescoffee with Milk
Nescoffee - Frappe - cold with milk
Greek Coffee
Mountaintee from Vourliotes
Ice Tea
Coffee Frape with icecreme
Filter Coffee

Fresh Juices of the Saison 300g
Apple- Carrot- Orangejuice
Tomato- Carrotjuice
Carrot- Orangejuice
Apple- Orangejuice



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